The Idea

The idea behind Bogo bags is simple but revolutionary! What if we re-purposed a common expression that encourages over-abundance for oneself. “BOGO” is commonly known as “buy one, get one” but not here.

BOGO represents a mindset that could change your life…Buy one, GIVE one”

When you purchase a BOGO Bag you will be supplying a homeless person with Blanket and Backpack made of Tyvek and Fleece. The Tyvek acts as a barrier to the elements while the fleece provides warmth for many who call the streets their home. A lighter weight version of this will be produced for summer.

What if every time you were offered a “BOGO” by other manufacturers you applied the “buy one, give one” philosophy? Next time you get a box of cereal for free take it to the local food pantry. What about those shoes you get for free at what’s that store? The list could go on and on.

They say this could be the “generosity generation”…how about we make this theory a reality!



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